Will Lowe

Welcome. I am a political methodologist specializing in statistical text analysis with applications to international relations, legislative politics, and frankly anything else that seems interesting.

I’ve recently joined Q-APS in the Department of Politics at Princeton as Senior Research Specialist. My main task will be to discover what one of those is. I’m also a lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson School where I teach just people just enough statistics to survive their Junior Papers.

Details of what I write about and the things I teach can be found in the links over to the right or in the trusty CV. You can find also find me answering questions on stats.stackexchange.com, writing code on GitHub, and – inevitably – wittering on Twitter. There’s a blog here too.

Alternatively you can ponder some biographical stuff, or just a picture. Actually I look much older and more worn-out than that, but you’re unlikely to get me to change it before I retire.


Thanks to all the folk at the Atlanta Computational Social Science workshop for the invitation to bend their collective ear. It was a lot of fun.

Note to self: never agree to speak right after the CDC explain how they save the world. (And I thought speaking after the Google Words team was as bad as it could get…)

More excitingly, while attempting to put more of the ‘computational’ into computational social science, I ended up as a villain in Zeynep Tufekci’s talk. While I’m hoping some of the fame rubs off, it’s possibly true that I shouldn’t have finished my own talk with a quote from Red Robot #C-63.