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Call them what you will

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I’ve been playing around with the R package texreg for creating combined regression tables for multiple models. It’s not the only package to do that – see here for a review – but it’s often handy to be able to generate both ascii art, latex, and html versions of the same table using almost identical syntax. Also, the ascii art creating screenreg function allows me to bypass the pdf construction cycle I previously described here. The […]

R to Latex packages: Coverage

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There are now quite a few R packages to turn cross-tables and fitted models into nicely formatted latex. In a previous post I showed how to use one of them to display regression tables on the fly. In this post I summarise what types of R object each of the major packages can deal with. Unsurprisingly, there’s quite some variation…

Tools for making a paper

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Since it seems to be the fashion, here’s a post about how I make my academic papers. Actually, who am I trying to kid? This is also about how I make slides, letters, memos and “Back in 10 minutes” signs to pin on the door. Nevertheless it’s for making academic papers that I’m going to recommend this particular set of tools. I use the word make deliberately because I’m thinking of ‘academic paper’ broadly, as […]

No more ascii-art


At least fourfive R packages will turn your regression models into pretty latex tables: texreg, xtable, apsrtable, memisc, and stargazer.  This is very nice if you happen to be a latex document or its final reader, but it’s not so great if you’re making those models to start with. What if you wanted to see these as you were working on them? In particular what if you wanted to see all your models lined up […]