Will Lowe

Welcome. I am a political methodologist specializing in statistical text analysis and low-key obsessed with causal inference, with applications to legislative politics, political economy, and public policy. You can read about all these on the publications page, in the trusty CV, or just that one time in the New York Times..

I'm a Senior Research Scientist at the Hertie School in Berlin. In fact, I'm the Senior Research Scientist at Hertie School, since they just admitted they don't have any others. This makes me very special - even specialer than being a Senior Research Specialist back at Princeton because there were quite a few of those. I just thought you ought to know that.

Day to day, I've got a desk in the Hertie School's Data Science Lab, three courses in its newly launched Data Science Masters, and a watchful eye on the internal Research Consulting service. Outside of that you can find me wittering on Twitter, writing code on GitHub, or answering questions on There's a blog here too, though I no longer quite remember why.

If you're wondering if you know me from somewhere, you can ponder some biographical information or take a look at this picture taken in my natural habitat (tweed).

In case you were curious

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