You can send me email at

Everywhere else on the web I'm conjugateprior, e.g. on Twitter and GitHub. The one exception is Reddit, which I don't read either. I've no idea who that is, but they should cease and desist.


If for some reason you prefer to communicate using your hearing and eating parts then you'll need my mobile number. If I haven't given that number to you, you don't have it. If the topic is sensitive, that's the way to reach me on Signal.

Don't ring any number from a web page claiming to be my office. It probably is my office number but a) I'm not in, and b) I haven't been able to figure out how to retrieve messages since they clogged up those tiny cassettes that lived in the phone.

Hand waving

If you'd like to talk to the top half of me then Skype also works. My username there is the same as my username everywhere else (see above). But do drop me an email first. I only switch it on for work or for calls I'm expecting.


In case you want to send things to me, here's a postal address:

Hertie School of Governance
Friedrichstr. 180
Room 3.14
10117 Berlin

If you'd prefer to fire them at me, target coordinates are N 52° 30' 46.1231" E 13° 23' 18.8719" Elevation: 170'. (Weekdays and office hours only. Outside office hours, on national holidays and during pandemics, at an undisclosed location.)


Planning a personal visit? Don't you know there's a virus on?